Exterior Ladder Safety Tips: Don’t Ignore These

During the fall and winter months, there are plenty of reasons to set up a ladder outdoors. From inspecting your roof before winter to hanging holiday lights, you may find yourself “reaching new heights.”

While there’s nothing wrong with using a ladder, outdoors or indoors, you must keep safety in mind at all times. Neglecting to do so puts your health and well-being at risk. With this in mind, here are three of the best ladder safety tips.

1. Beware of wet or soggy ground

For example, if you place your ladder on wet grass, there’s a greater chance that it’ll slip when climbing or descending. Place your ladder on dry, stable, and flat ground.

2. Don’t work in wet conditions

If it’s raining or snowing, stay off your ladder until conditions improve. The same holds true of strong winds. All of these conditions increase the risk of slipping and falling. There’s never a good time to use a ladder in poor weather.

3. Maintain three points of contact

You have four potential points of contact: two hands and two feet. You should have three points of contact on your ladder at all times. For instance, you could reach the top of your ladder and realize that you have to remove two points of contact to reach your target. Doing so increases the risk of falling.

The best way to avoid a ladder accident is to avoid ladders altogether. So, if you want to inspect your roof, contact a roofing contractor. It keeps you safe and ensures that you get the information you’re seeking.

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