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How long do vinyl windows last

Dec 19, 2022

Are you frustrated by the current condition of your house windows? Are they warping, peeling, cracking, chipping, or showing other signs of age? Damaged or poorly aging windows can not only detract from your home’s curb appeal but can also negatively impact the energy efficiency of your residence, resulting in skyrocketing energy expenses. No homeowner should put up with inefficient 

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Save Time on Maintenance with Replacement Windows

Sep 10, 2021

No matter the age or condition of your home’s windows, you understand the importance of keeping them clean (inside and out). Not only can this prolong their life, but it enhances your home’s curb appeal. Unfortunately, window maintenance is often more challenging than it should be. To minimize the amount of time you spend on maintenance related tasks, consider replacing 

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Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Windows Before Summer

Apr 23, 2021

With the summer season closing in quickly, now’s the time to consider any projects that could benefit you and/or your home over the months to come. There are many benefits of replacing your home’s windows before summer. Here are just a few to keep in mind: •    Improved energy efficiency: Are you tired of your old windows letting warm air 

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Do You Need to Clean Your Home’s Windows?

Mar 12, 2021

It doesn’t matter if you have old windows or new windows in your home, it’s critical that you take the steps necessary to maintain them. And that starts with regular cleanings. Here are some of the top reasons to keep your home’s windows clean: •    To prevent glass degradation: For example, acid rain, dirt, and other debris can take its 

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We Love Replacement Windows, We Hope You Will Too

Feb 19, 2021

Your home’s windows won’t last forever, so it’s important that you take the right steps toward replacing them when the time comes. At Pond Roofing, we love replacement windows for five main reasons: •    Energy efficiency: Once you swap out your old windows for new ones, you’ll realize that your energy costs aren’t nearly as high. How would you like 

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How to Prevent Frost on Your Windows

Jan 08, 2021

Frost on your windows on a cold winter morning may appear majestic, but it’s actually a problem that you need to deal with immediately. Should you realize that this is a regular occurrence, it’s time to pinpoint the cause and take action. Here are some of the steps you can take to prevent frost on your windows in the future: 

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Vinyl Replacement Windows: A Great Way to Fight the Cold

Dec 24, 2020

No matter how badly you want it to be true, your home’s windows won’t last forever. There will come a point when you realize the importance of swapping out your old windows for those that are more efficient. In Virginia, where we see plenty of cold weather during the fall and winter months, it’s critical to choose the right type 

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Are Your House Windows Fogging Up?

Oct 23, 2020

Not only do foggy windows make it difficult to see outside, but they’re also an eyesore. And for that reason, you don’t want to let this issue linger. There are two common causes of foggy windows in your home: •    A broken window seal •    An extreme difference in temperature between the indoors and outdoors While there’s nothing you can 

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Ways to Keep Your Windows From Fogging

Jun 18, 2020

Do you notice your home’s windows fogging up? Is this a regular occurrence? Are you hoping to find a remedy? There are many things you can do to prevent this. Try the following to start: •    Use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from your air, thus lowering the odds of condensation •    Use fans inside your home to keep warm 

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What to do if Your Windows are Letting in Hot Air

May 28, 2020

During the hot summer months, you want nothing more than to be able to retreat to your cool home to relax. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done if your windows aren’t doing its job. If your windows are letting in hot air, here’s what you should do: •    Make sure they’re closed and locked: For example, you may have 

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