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Feb 05, 2016

It looks like winter has finally hit us, and in order to avoid frozen pipes, take the following precautions: Turn your outside faucets off from inside valves. Remove all hoses from the outside faucets and drain any remaining water from the faucet. Check around the house for other unheated water lines. When the weather is extremely cold, let the cold 

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3 Considerations When Selecting a Front Door for Your Home

Feb 03, 2016

Selecting a front door for your home can be fun, exciting, and stressful all at the same time. While you are excited about making a change, you may be stressed over the final decision. But don’t worry any longer, as there are steps you can take to make the right choice at the right time. Here are three considerations that 

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Interested in a Sun Tunnel? Answer these Questions

Dec 23, 2015

Winter is officially here, but this doesn’t mean the sun will never shine again. Furthermore, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look forward to the warm months that are sure to come soon enough. If you don’t know the first thing about Velux Sun Tunnels, now is the time to learn more. We have installed hundreds of these over the years, 

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Three Questions to Help you Decide on the Right Siding

Sep 09, 2015

Is the exterior of your home in desperate need of a refresh? If so, new siding may be all it needs. Once you realize the benefits of replacement siding, it is time to consider your many options. While doing so, you will soon find that some are better suited to your needs than others. Here are three questions that will 

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How to Prepare your Home for a Renovation Project

Jun 25, 2015

There is a lot that goes into a renovation project. Upfront, you need to find the best contractor. From there, you have to learn more about the cost, as well as what you will get in return for your money. Once your project is scheduled, it is time to prepare yourself for what is to come. While your contractor is 

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Home Improvements Can Improve Energy Efficiency

May 15, 2015

There are many reasons to take on a home improvement project. Some people do this because they have no choice. Others do this because they want to improve the overall visual appeal of their property. And finally, there are those who fully understand how one change can improve the energy efficiency of their home, thus saving them money (while also 

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