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Top Reasons to Contact a Roofing Contractor

Jul 31, 2022

No matter the age or condition of your roof, there could come a time when you need professional assistance. And when that happens, it’s best to consult with a qualified roofing contractor as soon as possible. Here are three of the top reasons to contact a roofing contractor: Roof leak: It doesn’t matter if it’s a big leak or a 

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Roofing Contractor Red Flags: Watch for These

Apr 25, 2018

Are you in the process of searching for a roofing contractor? From a repair to a total replacement, there may come a time when you need to locate a contractor who can provide all the assistance you require (in a timely manner). Unfortunately, there are many “contractors” out there who don’t have the best interest of the client in mind. 

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Look for These 3 Traits in a Contractor

Mar 21, 2018

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring a roofing contractor, landscaper, or someone to remodel your kitchen, there are steps you can take to ensure that you bring the right company into your life. Here are three traits shared by the best contractors: ·      Willing to listen. When someone is willing to listen they’re able to learn more about your wants 

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Quality Over Quick When Hiring a Contractor

Jan 13, 2016

Are you interested in hiring a contractor? Maybe you need a new roof on your home. Maybe a new kitchen is in the cards. It doesn’t matter what type of project you are facing, you know that finding the right contractor is the difference between success and failure. Many people only think about two things when seeking a contactor: ·      

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We Provide Services for Every Need

Jan 06, 2016

As a homeowner, we understand you have a variety of needs. Your home is the biggest investment you will ever make, so there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep it in good condition. At Pond Roofing & Exteriors, we provide a variety of services to meet your every need. While roofing is our specialty, we don’t stop there. Here 

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How to Hire the Right Contractor for Your Job

Dec 30, 2015

It doesn’t matter if you are seeking a roofing contractor or somebody to install new siding on your home, you realize that there are many options. The process you follow to find and hire a contractor depends on a variety of details, including your personal situation. Even so, there are steps you can take to ensure that you hire the 

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Aug 18, 2014

Patrick Readyhough, President of Pond Roofing Company, has been named the Roofing Contractor of the year by the Virginia Association of Roofing Professionals (VARP). The Virginia Association of Roofing Professionals was created by the roofing industry for the roofing industry, and its mission is to improve and raise the bar of the profession through education and advocacy.  Each year, it 

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Avoiding Contractor Rip-Offs

Jun 12, 2014

As a result of the treacherous weather we continue to be pounded with, many homeowners are facing roofing and/or other exterior damage to their home. Reputable contractors have been flooded with calls, and probably have a substantial wait period before they can get the work done for you.  Wait for the known area professionals:  there is a possibility that they 

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Procrastination + Rain Deluge = Nightmare

May 09, 2014

I am pretty sure that there are homeowners out there who have procrastinated about tending to exterior issues.  Hopefully the exterior of your home (roof, windows, siding) made it through the recent storms without a hitch.  Quite often homeowners are reluctant to get on top of repairs or replacements because, among other reasons, it’s no fun to put out money 

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